Bear and wildlife viewing, Homer, Alaska

Wildlife Viewing

Alaska is well-known for its wildlife- and Homer is no exception. Just like the popular television show which takes place in Alaska, Homer does occasionally have a moose walking down main street. The jumping off point for wildlife viewing, Homer charter operators are more than willing to take a visitor out on the water to view the thousands of sea birds that congregate on Gull Island and other rocky outcropping. These charters provide affordable, accessible trips to birds rookeries all summer summer long.

A Homer Moose

And while you're out there enjoying the blue-green waters, keep your eyes peeled and cameras loaded for killer, humpback or beluga whales, sea otter and sea lions. All of which are known to frolic in Kachemak Bay. Homer holds an annual Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival every May to celebrate the migration of over 10,000 birds including western sandpipers, dunlins, dowitchers, and up to one third of the nation's surfbirds that pass through the community annually.

If you're truly adventurous, you can charter a boat or float plane and enjoy the true Alaskan wilderness where the brown bears roam. Several charters will take you to see the largest bruin in the world wading in crystal clear streams fishing for Alaskan king salmon.

Whatever your wildlife viewing wish, Homer is high on the list of locations to grant it. You just need and adventurous spirit!



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