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Real Estate in Homer, Alaska

Real Estate on the Lower Kenai Peninsula

  • A surprising number of first time visitors to the lower peninsula are so enthralled by its natural beauty, great climate and small town atmosphere, they develop a desire to live here.
  • The attraction can become so irresistible they find themselves spending spare moments on their trip visiting real estate offices, reading property classifieds, and spotting "for sale" signs. The Homer-Anchor Point area has much to offer, so their enthusiasm is understandable. Some skip shopping for souvenirs and shop instead for a new house.
  • Real estate agents find themselves answering questions about the price of land, the availability of houses and cabins, and commercial and business properties for sale.
  • According to local Realtors, one of the more common questions asked is, "What is the price of land?" There is no "average" price. There are too many variables. Does it have a view? That can really affect the price. How many acres? The price per acre generally decreases with the increased amount of acreage. Where is it located: West Hill, East Hill, and East End Road seem to be prime picks, which again affect price. "What is the price of land?" can be a difficult question to answer. The variables have to be known first.
  • Choices in the housing market are always somewhat limited if a buyer has too many priorities. The price can range from under one hundred thousand to over two hundred thousand dollars for a home. Location seems to be a prime factor. There are a variety of styles, from owner-built cabins to custom-built homes, just not many to choose from.
  • The small communities of the lower peninsula provide only limited employment in various fields, so many tourists who would like to make this area their home are curious about businesses for sale. Purchasing a business is one solution to the employment situation. Many new residents to the area become entrepreneurs.
  • Before calling on Realtors, visitors will find that if they would decide in advance about what some of their priorities are, it will expedite the process of providing them with useful information. Such things as an upper limit price, particular locations, stating various amenities desired, can help the agent tremendously in providing them with information.
  • For the visitor who succumbs to the many charms of the lower Kenai, checking out the available properties can be fun and entertaining --and it just might turn a visitor into a local!

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