Homer, Alaska - Your gateway to adventure!

  • Known as the halibut capital of the world, Homer rests on the bank of Kachemak Bay, a sheltered arm of lower Cook Inlet, and is easily accessible by land, air or sea. Once here, visitors will find snowcapped mountains reaching thousands of feet into the sky with glaciers winding their way to the ocean below. Salmon and trout swim in the crystal waters while eagles and seabirds search for food along the miles of beaches. All of these facets come together in the surrounding area to create a miniature vision of Alaska's grandeur.
  • From fresh and saltwater fishing to charters and wilderness lodges, visitors will find that Homer has a surprising array of activities to offer. Art festivals, sport fishing adventures, hiking and sightseeing are just a few of the exciting things to do while visiting. Homer also offers a variety of eating and lodging options that can cater to anyone's needs.
  • For the adventurous type, Homer places many trails, fishing spots and charters at your disposal. Follow a trail up a mountainside for a stunning view of glaciers and wildlife, or take a sea-kayak trip across beautiful Kachemak Bay to find your own special hidden spot. The Alaska experience is yours to enjoy in Homer's backyard. For those seeking a more relaxed experience, browsing around town and looking for an Alaska gift for someone back home can be an adventure in itself. Whatever your pleasure, there is no end to the enjoyment waiting for you.

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  • The town of Homer owes its beginnings to the coal and gold miners of the late 1800s who came to the area looking for riches. Although the big strike was not to be found here and these first settlers eventually moved on, Homer Pennock's name was left behind as a reminder of what once was. Later, in the 1920s, Homer began anew. Homesteaders began settling the area and constructing the community that you find today. Now, just over 4,000 people live and work in the town of Homer, making it a hub of south-central Alaska's fishing and tourism businesses.
  • These days commercial fishing is the greatest contributor to the local economy, in excess of $30 million per year. Tourism has also become a major source of growth and profit for the area with an influx of many new shops and businesses. Homer also offers modern hospital facilities, a local museum and a range of media services such as a newspaper, radio and current movies. Visitors will find that Homer offers a wide range of support and service to assist in their traveling.
  • Through all your personal adventures we wish you a wonderful stay were the road ends and the sea begins!

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