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  • Homer, Alaska is well-known for attracting artists who produce and sell artwork in many different genres.
  • The magnificent beauty at the 'end of the road' is inspiration for many painters, potters, jewelers, weavers, woodcarvers, doll makers as well as many other mediums. These artists' creations will surely impress you with their ability to capture Kachemak Bay in their work which can be found in local art galleries, gift shops or studios in the area.
  • Homer has also attracted performing artists such as actors, musicians, singers, and dancers and is proud of its own homegrown singer, "Jewel" Kilcher who has gone on to sign recording contracts and appear regularly on music videos. Hobo Jim, a lively, toe-stomping entertainer sprouts Homer roots which go way back along with Tom Bodett, who's folksy humor and "We'll leave the light on for you," fame, calls Homer - home.
  • A must for all visitors to the Homer area is a stop at the Pratt Museum. Featuring an array of artwork, exhibits and special shows, the museum offers something for everyone.
  • The Museum's exhibits feature a wide range of subjects and time periods. Foremost is "Darkened Waters," a nationally acclaimed and thought-provoking pictorial of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. This exhibit focuses on the effects of the spill to the surrounding environment and features a companion exhibit on tour throughout the United States.
  • Early Alaskan exhibits include artifacts from the area's first Native people who came to Alaska thousands of years ago, as well as the homesteaders of the 1930's and 1940's.
  • Also on show are many species of Alaskan birds and mammals, including complete skeletons of a Bering Sea beaked whale, beluga whale, sea otter and Stellar's sea lion. Summer visitors may also take a self-guided tour through the botanical garden for a look at over 150 species of native plants.
  • Another exciting feature of the museum is their quilt collection, heralded as one of the finest in Alaska. Each year more than two dozen quilters participate in the construction of two thematic quilts. One quilt remains in the museum's permanent collection and the other is raffled to a lucky museum visitor.
  • The museum also holds several art and topical exhibits throughout the year. Solo and multiple-artist shows, including a student art show in the spring and a juried art show in the early summer, are often on display. These shows commonly feature local artwork inspired by the beauty and wildlife of the Kachemak Bay area.
  • In the entertainment field Homer's matches any big city. Every December, a world-class production of the Nutcracker Suite is performed by talented locals. Talent also abounds in our own community Pier One Theater. Now in its 23rd season, Pier One is a sustaining grace note on the Homer cultural scene. New and exciting - familiar and treasured. Pier One Theatre's summer season is spiced with enough variety to satisfy locals who are accustomed to fine fare as well as visitors who are regularly surprised by the professional level of community theater in an area so remote from city lights.

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