The Sister Cities program was developed to foster international understanding and good will. Cultural, commercial, and intellectual exchange is encouraged. Delegations from each city visit so that participants come to understand the unique characteristics of the other.

Teshio, Japan

Teshio is located 45N 142E in Northern Japan on the Western coast of Hokkaido. It's population is approximately 5,000. Teshio is known as the "Dairy Kingdom" of Hokkaido due to a large modern dairy industry. Ocean resources are also important because of it's location on the sea. Geographically, Teshio has two distinct areas: one made up of flat plains, the other a mountainous area.

Education plays an important role in Teshio, and is supported and encouraged by the residents. This year an exchange student traveled from Teshio to live in Homer to help foster communication between the two towns. Recreation also plays a central role in the community.

Some of the tourist opportunities include the Kagaminuma Seaside Park, the scenic forests of the Kawaguchi Ruins (where aborigine pit dwellings have been restored), and the Otowa Garden, famous for its cherry blossoms. Teshio is becoming known as the "Original Tourist Town for Hands-on Experience" due to clam gathering and other activities throughout the summer.

Yelizovo, Russia

Yelizovo is a Russian Sister City of Homer. It is located at 53N 159E on the Kamchatka Peninsula near the city of Petropavlovsk. It's population is approximately 35,000.

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